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Data science for business is set to have a huge impact on decision-making in the future. Organizations continue to seek insights that can help drive process improvements, customer engagement, corporate performance, or create additional revenue. However, for many business leaders looking to enhance their organization’s data maturity, it can be hard to know which skills, technologies & programming languages to start with.

Though the data science needs of any company and industry can be very nuanced, as an RStudio – Posit partner, we are experienced in delivering R and RStudio – Posit data solutions across multiple industries.

Read on to find out why R is so often the right choice for our clients:

R has the best applications for businesses

There are countless tools in the market for business intelligence and analytics, each with its pros and cons. Depending on the business requirements and your data team’s existing skills, it can be difficult to find one well-suited tool for all your needs.

R has proven time and time again that it has the best blend of business-friendly elements. Combining the low costs with high growth potential, R is regarded as an excellent tool for business implementation and scaling. Along with its vast array of packages for performing statistical analysis, users can generate insightful Shiny dashboards, driving the decision-making process.

Although R can sometimes be cited as having a steep learning curve, which can give rise to a lot of pain points during the early stages of adoption, the low-cost and high-stake business decisions can have no better tool. To combat some of these potential concerns, finding a reputable RStudio – Posit partner to deliver R solutions and upskill your teams can make the whole process much easier. Plus, as an RStudio – Posit data consultancy, we will help you start using R to its full potential as early as possible through on-demand training on best practices.

ProCogia is a leading RStudio – Posit partner providing a broad range of RStudio – Posit data solutions. If you’re looking to add value to your business with R or RStudio – Posit, our experienced RStudio – Posit data consultants can educate & deliver for your team in a fast and cost-effective way.

R makes Data Science accessible for professionals who aren’t Data Scientists

As you probably know, R and Python are the two main options for high-performance data science tools.

The differences between these two languages have been explored to no end with articles and infographics around the web, but often one of the most overlooked differences is their accessibility.

Usually, people who excel in data science aren’t going to be seasoned RStudio – Posit solution engineers. They’re likely to have a maths or stats background, be proficient in computer science & likely have multiple years of industry experience.  RStudio – Posit solution engineering skills are very niche and far less readily available in the market

While Python is regarded by many as the best-in-class language for deep learning, R boasts an increased depth in packages and ease of communication. RStudio – Posit offers users markdown reporting functionality which can help business stakeholders create reproducible reports packaged into a single function. It also offers dashboarding via a shiny package for deriving KPIs for critical business decision-making. On top of that R packages come in a multitude of tools for finance, time series, econometrics, healthcare, and many others. R is the more accessible choice for businesses for its robust versatility and ease of consumption.

R has excellent community support

Any RStudio – Posit partner will tell you that one of the best things about R is its fantastic community support.

IDEs, by their very nature, aren’t simple tools and seeing as you’re reading this, you’ll likely have people on your team who could be experts one day but aren’t there yet.

Like many things, a large part of learning how to use programming languages effectively will happen on the job, and for that to happen, you’ll need an active and informative community to ask questions within, source lifesaving cheat sheets, and learn tips and tricks.

So good news the ProCogia RStudio – Posit data specialists are heavily integrated into the R community across groups like the R Consortium, R Ladies and R Medicine to name a few. The RStudio – Posit community is known as the primary hub of R discussion, but other great hangouts like R Bloggers and the #rstats hashtag are also rich in valuable info and new takes on the language.

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ProCogia is an RStudio – Posit data consultancy with a wealth of experience in delivering RStudio – Posit data solutions. Though it takes some work to achieve, an R-savvy data team can be a huge asset to your business. Call today and find out how we can become your RStudio – Posit data partner to help up-skill your team!

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