Snowflake Partner

As a Snowflake partner, ProCogia has managed many successful migrations from on-premises platforms to the cloud environment. Our team of trusted and validated experts will deploy their expertise allowing you to leverage Snowflake’s flexibility, performance, and easy-to-use interface – opening up access to a world of data and services seamlessly and securely.

Our technology partners

As a certified Snowflake partner, we can help you with seamless data mobilization across multiple public clouds. Data that was previously siloed can now be unified, integrated, analyzed, and shared on a virtually unlimited scale. Ease your workload and gain peace of mind by turning to ProCogia, an experienced Snowflake Service Select Partner.

The Snowflake platform

Attempting to set up a Snowflake data platform or integrations without expert support can become challenging and costly. Ease your workload, and peace of mind, by turning to an experienced Snowflake Service Partner like ProCogia.

Performance and speed

The elastic nature of the cloud means if you want to load data faster, or run a high volume of queries, you can scale up your virtual warehouse to take advantage of extra compute resources.

Storage and support for structured and semi-structured data

Snowflake automatically optimizes how the data is stored and queried regardless of whether it’s structured or semi-structured

Concurrency and accessibility

Snowflake addresses concurrency issues with its unique multicluster architecture: Queries from one virtual warehouse never affect the queries from another, and each virtual warehouse can scale up or down as required.

Seamless data sharing

Snowflake’s architecture enables data sharing among Snowflake users. Organizations can seamlessly share data with any customer through reader accounts that can be created directly from the user interface.

Availability and security

Boasting 99 years of retention and 50 top-of-class compliance certificates, Azure has the capability to protect your important data better than any other cloud platform. Single-click backup support for SQL databases will make it easy for you to attain and enjoy total peace of mind.


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