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As a Microsoft partner with a wealth of experience, ProCogia stands at the forefront of guiding businesses through their transition from on-premises platforms to the cloud, leveraging Azure’s vast capabilities. Our team of Azure-certified experts brings extensive knowledge and a proven track record to ensure your migration is not only seamless but also taps into Azure’s extensive flexibility, IaaS and PaaS offerings, and unparalleled security features. ProCogia simplifies the migration process, making it less daunting, stressful, and costly by utilizing vetted Azure solutions and facilitating a smooth transition to your designated data lake, all while minimizing your workload and accelerating the shift to a more dynamic, cloud-based infrastructure.

ProCogia is proud to have achieved partner status with other leading technology providers:

Adaptable and Scalable

With Microsoft Azure cloud solutions, businesses will only have to pay for the resources they actually use, meaning you’ll never have to worry about the expenses that come with purchasing and maintaining IT assets that you may only need on rare occasions.

Wide-Ranging IAM Capabilities

Azure promises top-notch security, empowering you to reduce hacking risks through Application Proxy, Conditional Access policies and multi-factor authentication. Azure also supports integration with your existing Office 365 account and applications.

Enhanced, Cheaper IT Infrastructure

Leveraging IaaS and PaaS, your business will have the freedom to outsource their IT infrastructure and build web-based applications, without having to fork out for ongoing infrastructure maintenance, benefiting from many out-of-the-box monitoring and alerting solutions Azure provides

Bespoke Applications for a Range of Industries

Highly regulated industries including Financial Services, Life Sciences & Government often require applications with distinctive security and compliance features such as HIPAA. Azure allows you to address these kinds of challenges by integrating remote access and bringing financial systems in-line with modern standards, thereby optimizing your customer relationships and engagement.

Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery

Boasting 99 years of retention and 50 top-of-class compliance certificates, Azure has the capability to protect your important data better than any other cloud platform. Single-click backup support for SQL databases will make it easy for you to attain and enjoy total peace of mind.

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