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As data continues to shape the future, there is an increasing demand for data management consultancy. At ProCogia, we leverage our cloud, data strategy and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise to support and advise you at every stage of your data journey. Working with your internal team, we ensure you gain and maintain a competitive advantage in your industry through a tailored Data Consultancy.

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Data Strategy Consulting

Whatever point of your data journey you’re in, ProCogia can help. We provide Data Consultancy advisory services to organizations to optimize investment in people, processes, data and technology. Our dedicated team of consultants draw upon their deep technical expertise to work with your executive team and define roadmaps, enabling your organization to become truly data-driven.

Discover New Insights

ProCogia’s Data Consultancy services specialize in delivering data strategies that drive business growth, optimize processes and mitigate risks. Our expertise lies in designing and leveraging actionable data strategies to align cross-functional teams and drive data literacy.

Cost Savings

Our experienced consultants specialize in delivering data audits that identify and resolve data quality and technology issues and reduce costs. With multi-cloud expertise that includes Azure, AWS and Snowflake, we can offer actionable recommendations to leverage cloud technologies for cost optimization.

Competitive Advantage

Our data advisory services provide a significant competitive advantage by offering valuable insights into your existing data assets and leveraging them. This unique perspective helps to differentiate you from your competitors, enabling you to better serve your customers and drive business success.

Our Solutions

Discover how our Data Consultancy services can turn your data problems into data solutions.

The ProCogia Blueprint

At ProCogia, we collaborate with our clients throughout their projects, working closely to build a roadmap, understand their challenges and develop tailored solutions. We do this through discovery meetings using our data framework to identify data issues and create a project management plan.

Assess Current State​

Analysis of the organization's processes, data handling, and technology to identify inefficiencies, compliance issues, and risks. Fully understand the current state of operational, technological, and strategic preparedness for transformation, laying the groundwork for future steps.

Prioritize and Execute

Uses agile methods for responsive, iterative development aligned with the organization's needs. With thorough quality checks for code and tests, we ensure consistent reproducibility. ProCogia focuses on strategic priorities, resource efficiency, and continuous KPI alignment.

Define Objects & Metrics

Collaboration with stakeholders to align goals and optimize service parameters for efficiency, ensuring applications match user needs and support the organization's strategy. ProCogia will then focus on promoting data-driven decisions and setting key performance indicators (KPIs).

Develop Infrastructure and Skills

Improving data management for better decisions, addressing skill shortages with managed staff augmentation, and adding AI technologies. ProCogia specializes in integrating external talent and enhancing data practices to boost the organization's tech abilities and align with its strategic goals.


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