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Our comprehensive R services are meticulously designed to meet your specific needs, encompassing the installation, configuration, and management of RStudio & Posit. Our global team of R specialists, located across the US, Canada, India, and Ireland, delivers a wide array of R services. These services include Computational Pipeline Development, Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, Code Refactoring, MLOps, migration from SAS/Excel to R, Package Development, R Markdown Reporting, Shiny Dashboard creation, and establishing regulated environments for submissions (GxP / ValidR). Additionally, we offer Support and Maintenance, along with user training, to provide a full spectrum solution for your data science requirements.

Our technology partners

Posit Team

is the bundle of posit's most popular products including: Workbench, Connect, and Package Manager. Together, this bundle delivers an end-to-end toolchain for data science teams committed to R and Python, improving every step of a data scientist's workflow, from developing insights, to deploying data products, to managing environments.

Posit Workbench (formerly RStudio Server Pro)

allows data scientists to code in both R and Python within their preferred development environment, without any additional strain on IT. Tap into more compute power, collaborate in real-time with others on data science projects, and access enterprise features like centralized management, security, and commercial support.

Posit Connect

is a publishing platform for secure sharing of data products within an organization. Use Posit Connect when you want to publish content within an organization rather than on the public internet. Posit Connect makes the delivery of data-driven content fast, approachable and secure. Deploy everything you create in R & Python to fuel your business with the insights it needs.

Posit Package Manager

is a repository management server to organize and centralize R and Python packages across your organization. Use it to provide full mirrors of CRAN, Bioconductor, and PyPI. Restrict access to potentially harmful public packages by curating your own custom repository with only the packages you need. Support air-gapped environments by providing offline access to your package repository. Publish and share internal packages in a unified repository and support reproducible results through historic snapshots.

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