Our Bioinformatics and computational biology consultants provide guidance for pre-clinical and clinical research projects. From designing and analyzing multiomics projects to developing automated pipelines for your workflows, we unlock valuable insights from your biomedical data.

Our data solutions are powered by the following technologies

Biomedical Data Experts

We deliver scientific results that drive research decisions, including projects involving molecular, cellular and animal models that have led to publications in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals. This, alongside our understanding of Biostatistics, mature and emerging next-generation sequencing technologies and methodologies, allows us to develop sophisticated analysis pipelines to analyze and interpret complex experiments. Fuelled by our specialist knowledge of Bioinformatics and computational biology, our technology-agnostic end-to-end data services are designed to help you maximize the potential of your data.

Cost Savings

By optimizing large data workflows and pipelines in the cloud, we enable scalable solutions and custom-built platforms that can be deployed across the cloud to your global customers’ needs.

Faster Turnaround Time

Whether it’s identifying top hits from high-throughput screens or developing AI tools for personalized medicine. We deliver results efficiently to accelerate your internal research or clinical development, leading to faster actionable insights.

Streamlined Research and Development

Modernising data infrastructure empowers organizations to be agile and make informed decisions based on data insights. This in turn means that they can better handle growing data volumes, ensure data governance and security, optimize costs and stay ahead in today’s data-driven world.

Our Solutions

Discover how our team of Bioinformatics specialists can turn your data problems into data solutions.

How Does It Work?

At ProCogia, we collaborate with our clients throughout their projects, working closely to build a roadmap, understand their challenges and develop tailored solutions. We do this through discovery meetings using our data framework to identify data issues and create a project management plan.

Initial Client Meetings

Our priority is learning about the challenges our clients are facing and their current implementations to solve them. We schedule an initial meeting where we gain a greater understanding of our client’s needs, using this insight to plan potential solutions and the steps to take towards data-driven excellence.

Discovery Phase

We access and assess the client’s implementation, including data repositories, GitHub repositories and dashboards to perform our initial discovery.

Written Report and Plan

Our Bioinformatics experts provide a written report of our discovery findings, outlining any issues, bugs and errors. This report identifies the solutions needed to address the issues along with a plan and timeline for optimizing the organization’s data.

Project Execution

Based on our evaluation, we will organize a diverse team of Bioinformatics consultants best-suited for tackling the identified issues and begin implementing the solutions. We follow an agile framework for managing projects. Through regular meetings, we keep the client informed at every stage and ensure the project stays on track, in line with the initially agreed objectives.


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