ProCogia’s Data Community

Groups we support include:

  • UseR Conference 2021
  • RLadies
  • Python Meet Ups
  • AWS/Microsoft/GCP/Oracle/IBM Opportunities
  • ProCogia Meet Up – 2020
  • RStudio Conference
  • Open Data Science Conference (ODSC)
  • INFORMS Pacific Northwest Chapter

How We Support Data Community Engagement

ProCogia’s gold standard pedigree with R includes members from our experienced team sitting on a variety of R Consortium working groups.

We also sponsor and help organize the following major R events:


Virtual conference part sponsored by ProCogia. 

One of the keynote speakers was ProCogian Data Scientist, Joe Korszun, whose presentation was entitled From SaS to R. You can read Joe’s blog on this topic here.

UseR Consortium 2021

R consortium supports the R community to promote, develop and extend the reach of R. The R Consortium’s open-source governance and foundation model has been uniquely positioned to benefit the worldwide community of users, maintainers, and software developers. 

Read the R Consortium takeaways from this conference, written by Mehar Pratap Singh, CEO, and Founder of ProCogia.


This 24-hour virtual conference included talks, Q & As, and online social gatherings.

Watch ProCogian, Mike Garcia’s presentation entitled R in Pharma: Intro to Shiny | RStudio

The conference featured 50+ speakers from around the world, highlights from these presentations can be accessed here.

rstudio global

This annual conference focuses on the use of R in the development of pharmaceuticals. The conference is relatively small and is scientifically and industry oriented.


This annual conference began in 2017 and offers a chance for the R community in the Pacific Northwest to come together around R.

Vancouver Data Jam

Vancouver Data Jam 2021 was a week-long, hackathon-like event with a focus on Health in our Communities. ProCogia was proud to be sponsoring this virtual event which encouraged both beginners and experts in the field of Data Science to further their skills and interact with more of the data community.

Vancouver Data Jam

Community Engagements

Pacific Northwest Chapter

The mission is to promote and advance the theory and practice of Analytics, Operations Research, and the Management Sciences in the Pacific Northwest. The Chapter invites speakers from both industry and academia regularly to share knowledge and experiences to foster networking.


R-Ladies is a worldwide organization set up specifically with a mission to promote gender diversity in the R community. There are now R-Ladies groups worldwide which ProCogia is proud to support.


Biotech client bespoke RShiny dashboards

ProCogia developed & trained biotech client on the creation and application of bespoke RShiny dashboards



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