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As an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting partner, ProCogia has a wealth of experience delivering AWS solutions across multiple industries helping clients grow their businesses via instant access to computing power, storage, and databases.

Our data solutions are powered by the following technologies

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, ProCogia helps SMBs and enterprises migrate to AWS. We deliver robust, scalable, and customized cloud-native solutions. With AWS-certified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we solve the most complex business problems by combining extensive industry experience and leading data engineering practices with the latest innovations in data science.

AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner

As an AWS partner, ProCogia fields an experienced and dedicated team of AWS certified experts who work with clients across multiple sectors. The ProCogia team supports organizations using this global platform that supercharges computing power and scalability, allowing businesses to move faster, reduce IT costs and continually improve their cloud platform.

Cloud Data Migration

Managing the process of transferring enterprise data from an on-premise environment to the AWS Cloud. This includes moving data, workloads, IT resources, and applications in a timely and cost-efficient way.

Cost Optimizations

Applying cost optimization principles to design, configure, and maintain solutions in AWS Cloud. This ensures the effective use of services and resources to achieve business outcomes at the lowest price point.

Big Data & Analytics

The collection, storage, and implementation of big data solutions in AWS is supported by a range of powerful analytics services to automate data analysis, manipulate datasets, and derive deeper insights.

Data Lakes / Data Warehousing

Utilizing the scalability of AWS data lakes, we help customers achieve cost-effective, high-performance analytics with highly available data lakes and warehouses centralizing your data securely and with the ability to categorize and analyze it all in one, centralized repository.

Data Engineering & ETL

Our engineers help customers extract, transform and load massive datasets with the help of AWS services like Lambda and EMR.

Data Architecture

Our engineers architect highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions for customers to store and analyze their data. This will help you to gain a better understanding of the data, enforce security and privacy.

ML Engineering

Development experience in training and deploying production-grade ML Models which utilize distributed computing for peak performance.


Development experience in containerization of applications and deployment of containers into highly scalable clusters for peak performance. Offering durable, cost-effective options for backup, disaster recovery, and data archiving.

High Performance Computing

Development experience using optimized architectures along with cutting-edge distributed computing technology to achieve massive scale and speed with large data. Build and run applications and services without the need to manage servers.

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