About Us

ProCogia is an end-to-end Data & AI consultancy that is proud to promote a culture of community, equality, collaboration, equal opportunities and personal growth.

Who we Work With

We do what's best for each client

Our team offers a holistic suite of solutions, designed to support you at each milestone of your data evolution. With a deep pool of expertise in Data Engineering, Data Operations, and Artificial Intelligence, we not only bolster your data’s integrity but also arm you with advanced AI and machine learning technologies. This comprehensive approach lays the groundwork for exceptional Data Analytics and Data Science capabilities, endowing your team with the pioneering edge needed to stand out in a competitive field.

What ProCogia does

Consulting Services
Strategic Solutions

At the heart of any successful project lies a deep understanding of the strategic challenges and opportunities an organization faces.

Optimizing Data for
Actionable Intelligence

By perfecting data management, we lay the groundwork for all future endeavors, ensuring that decisions are data-driven, and that the organization's data ecosystem supports its strategic goals.

Tailoring Solutions with
Managed Projects

ProCogia excels in seamlessly integrating external talent into our clients' teams, offering the necessary ability to drive projects forward. This approach is highly flexible, allowing organizations to scale their capabilities on-demand.

Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs develops bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. They focus on harnessing the latest technologies and methodologies in data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to craft innovative solutions that address specific, common problems identified by their clients.

The ProCogia Identity

Our Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values shape our collaboration. Our motivation, principles, and envisioned impact guide us. Let’s collaborate with shared intent and vision.

Our Purpose

Pursued through three key strategies: becoming the employer of choice for data and AI experts, providing decision-makers with impactful insights, and driving long-term value for all stakeholders. ProCogia commits to contributing positively to the world, measuring success not just in profits but in the happiness and well-being it brings to people's lives.


Our Vision

Encapsulates the company's goals across various facets: achieving recognition through customer satisfaction and employee well-being, enhancing the company's market value, and establishing a respected brand. It underscores a commitment to impacting people positively, delivering solutions that drive business success, offering comprehensive data and AI lifecycle solutions, focusing strategically on North America, and leveraging a diverse global workforce.


Our Mission

Rooted in three key principles: leveraging our vast expertise in data, analytics, and AI to set new industry standards; focusing on creating a better tomorrow through data-driven insights for smarter decisions and sustainable growth; and nurturing the next generation of data and AI experts through education and development programs. 


Our Values

Guided by four core values: Trust, Growth, Innovation, and Excellence. Trust is foundational, emphasizing transparency, integrity, and reliability in all relationships. Growth reflects a commitment to continuous learning and adapting to the evolving data and AI landscape. Innovation drives ProCogia to seek repeatable solutions and improve processes, underlining a culture that challenges the status quo. Excellence, a non-negotiable standard, signifies a dedication to surpass expectations in every task. 


We are part of a many communities

At ProCogia, we collaborate with our clients throughout their projects, working closely to build a roadmap, understand their challenges and develop tailored solutions. We do this through discovery meetings using our data framework to identify data issues and create a project management plan.

Partnering with the most adopted cloud platform in the past five years, Snowflake, allows us to build a business ecosystem where you can run your data solutions seamlessly, securely, and collaboratively across the globe.Learn more ->

We’ve been working with RStudio – Posit since its inception and are the only full-service RStudio – Posit partner on the Pacific West Coast and in Canada with unrivaled RStudio – Posit experience.
Learn more ->

ProCogia is an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Partnering with AWS allows us to build sophisticated data solutions with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability.Learn more ->

The central mission of the R Consortium is to work with and provide support to the R Foundation and to the key organizations developing, maintaining, distributing and using R software through the identification, development and implementation of infrastructure projects.

Learn more ->

Is a community for womxn in data science which prides itself on providing a platform for womxn from diverse backgrounds to showcase their career journeys and knowledge share. ​They are here to encourage the diversification of the talent pipeline for data science and other data careers.

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The mission of R-Ladies is to achieve proportionate representation by encouraging, inspiring, and empowering people of genders currently under-represented in the R community.

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We are delighted to have received our Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 attestation report, validating that our policies and controls meet the industry’s stringent standards of data protection.

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We’re a team of passionate people

By joining ProCogia, you will be working for an industry-leading Data Consultancy that is dedicated to excellence: always striving to deliver first-class data solutions to our clients.