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Large language models, at ProCogia, we believe in not just witnessing the future but creating it; we strive to provide our clients not just with innovative solutions but transformative ones. As such, it is our responsibility to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing technology frontier. Large language models (LLMs), the latest development in AI have triggering a wave of innovations across many industries. This is primarily due to their ability to generalize, achieving high performance in various tasks that previously would have required several specialist models, large training datasets and significant development time. With the increase in the size of these language models and LLMs being trained upon tens of billions of parameters – and predictable improvements in standard metrics, incredible emergent abilities appear at specific points. These can include answering questions, summarizing text passages, or understanding complex languages such as jokes and proverbs. LLMs are the Swiss army knife of AI models, with the question now being not what can they do but how do we best leverage them?  

Due to their incredible grasp of language and generation capabilities

  Due to their incredible grasp of language and generation capabilities, LLMs have revolutionized how chatbots communicate with humans, allowing for intelligent, robust agents. LLMs can offer a human-like chat experience that far exceeds the capabilities of previous-generation AI models. Traditional chatbots were primarily navigational, offering predetermined responses to programmed keywords. As a result, they didn’t allow for queries that ranged beyond their programming. Conversational AI-powered chatbots, however, leverage LLMs to allow the bot to understand the intent and tone of a user and craft bespoke, relevant responses. Chatbots built with LLMs can provide truly intelligent instant customer support; beyond interacting with customers, they can be employed internally to retrieve knowledge from internal data sources. Extending LLMs with data sources produces Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) models, which integrate the language abilities of LLMs with knowledge sources, such as a database or website, to achieve state-of-the-art results on knowledge-intensive tasks. LLMs are unparalleled in their language understanding and processing capabilities; where they fall short, however, are tasks that require specific knowledge. When both accuracy and precision are necessary, as we believe they always are, a simple LLM-based chatbot will not suffice. LLMs capable of retrieving relevant information are essential to have a chatbot capable of fulfilling both customer and business needs, which can provide the reliability of a human with the technological efficiency and power of an AI. Thus, our team at ProCogia has developed RAGs capable of augmenting the prowess of LLMs with client-specific knowledge bases, enabling a vast array of client needs to be fulfilled.

ProCogia and Retrieval Augmented Generation

ProCogia and Retrieval Augmented Generation

  As a sample of the work ProCogia has done with RAGs, the above is an excerpt from a chatbot that was developed to ensure a seamless customer experience for one of our clients within the telecommunications sector. Our chatbot is capable of understanding and processing customer queries and executing intelligent actions to construct an appropriate response. By providing the chatbot with knowledge regarding the company, it can provide structured responses without the restrictions of rule-based  chatbots. Additionally, using a RAG, the chatbot can avoid one of the most significant drawbacks of LLMs, which is their ability to hallucinate: produce statements that appear plausible but are factually incorrect. In a study conducted by researchers at Meta AI, they demonstrated in a human evaluation of language models that RAG-Sequence models were considered 94.9% knowledgeable, hallucinating 9.6% of the time – in comparison, the 400 million parameter architecture of BART, a language model, achieved only a 34.1% score on knowledgeability and a 68.2% score on hallucination. The power of RAGs lies within their intelligence and dynamism, which, when coupled with the incredible team at ProCogia, can empower a vast array of business solutions for virtually any client.

How else can the chatbot be applied to your business?

How else can the chatbot be applied to your business

  Customer service Our Chatbot can handle customer inquiries more efficiently and accurately. It can quickly retrieve information related to a customer’s query from a database, it can perform quick actions as well.   Human resources These chatbots could be utilized for internal communications, like answering employee queries regarding policies, benefits, etc. This can free up the HR team’s time from repetitive tasks and allow them to focus more on strategic functions.   Sales and marketing Chatbots can guide potential customers through the sales funnel, providing personalized product recommendations and answering queries based on past purchase history or a product database.   Technical support Chatbots can be implemented to offer solutions to technical problems. By retrieving information from a library of past issues and solutions, the chatbot can generate steps to solve a user’s technical problem   Training and onboarding New employees can interact with the chatbot to understand company policies, procedures, and roles. The chatbot can answer their queries in real-time, providing a smooth onboarding process.   According to research by Accenture, 56% of the 97 Chief Information Officers and 255 Chief Technology Officers interviewed, who represented companies across 12 countries and nine industries, stated that “conversational bots are driving disruption in their industry,” with 57% agreeing that “conversational bots can deliver a large return on investment for minimal effort.”

Revolutionizing effective communication

Our team at ProCogia recognizes the importance of effective communication and seeks to help our clients unlock the power of conversations and transform how they connect with their customers. With our customer-centric approach, we try to understand our clients’ unique needs and work alongside their teams to construct transformative solutions. We are dedicated to creating tailored commercial chatbot solutions that can elevate our client’s businesses to the next level. For more information on.

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