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What You Can Expect

Technologies Used in Business Intelligence & Analytics:


BI Solutions

We’ve worked with clients across multiple industries, unlocking the full value of their data and delivering data solutions that unleash game-changing potential.

Our BI solutions include:

  • Dashboard development and re-vamp
    • Shiny, QlikView, Power BI, and Tableau
  • Audience-specific reporting
    • Executives
    • Stakeholders
    • Dev Team
  • On-demand data analysis and reporting
  • Reporting automation and optimization
  • Consultation on selecting KPIs and metrics
  • Recommendations on actions that should be taken


Analytics Solutions

We deliver Analytics solutions for our clients regardless of how data mature their organizations are. We segment our Analytics offerings into four main areas which focus on providing hindsight, insight, and foresight:

  • Descriptive: “What happened?”
  • Diagnostic: “Why did it happen?”
  • Predictive: “What will happen?”
  • Prescriptive: “How can we make it happen?”

For less data mature organizations like Governments & Non-profits, we focus more on descriptive and diagnostic analytics whereas for our more advanced clients (Technology & Telecom for example) predictive and prescriptive analytics are how we help them gain competitive advantage.



US mobile carrier improves voice coverage

ProCogia’s analytics solutions helped a leading US mobile carrier improve voice coverage by 30%



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