Mehar Pratap Singh becomes an R Consortium board member

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We are thrilled to announce that our Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mehar Pratap Singh, has been elected as a board member of the R Consortium. The R Consortium is an influential open-source organization that ProCogia participates in at multiple levels, dedicated to supporting the global community of R software users, maintainers and developers. Its mission is to work with the R Foundation and other key organizations to identify, develop and implement infrastructure projects that enhance the R ecosystem. By promoting best practices, funding projects and providing support, the Consortium empowers data scientists, statisticians and researchers worldwide.     The R Consortium operates within the framework of the Linux Foundation, a globally recognized nonprofit organization that supports the growth of open source software. The Linux Foundation provides governance, legal and financial services to a wide range of open source projects and communities. By aligning with the Linux Foundation, the R Consortium leverages its expertise and resources to further advance the goals of the R community. At ProCogia, we actively participate in various initiatives that aim to enhance the R ecosystem and benefit the global data community. Led by Joseph Korszun, Senior Manager of Data Solutions, our team collaborates with the R Consortium Infrastructure Steering Committee to identify and fund critical R software projects. Under Joseph’s guidance, we contributed to the R Certification group’s efforts to create standardized exams for R programmers in clinical trials. Our proactive engagement is pioneered by our sales associate, who leads our efforts in the R adoption webinar series. Through these webinars, we share insights and knowledge to foster the broader adoption of the R language among data scientists and researchers. Our commitment to promoting R extends to the R marketing committee, where we leverage various marketing initiatives to highlight the programming language’s benefits and capabilities.   R Consortium and ProCogia   ProCogia takes an active role in supporting the R User Group Support Program (RUGS). This program is expertly overseen by our manager of R services to ensure fair allocation of funding to under-represented communities. These combined efforts showcase ProCogia’s steadfast dedication to fostering innovation and empowering the R community on a global level. Mehar’s appointment as a board member of the R Consortium is a significant milestone for ProCogia and demonstrates our commitment to driving advancements in the R ecosystem. Through our various initiatives within the R Consortium, we aim to foster collaboration, support innovation and ensure the growth and prosperity of the R community.


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