ProCogia & GDPR

Updated 01/01/2023

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a pivotal piece of legislation designed to safeguard personal privacy within the European Union. It also regulates the transfer of personal data beyond EU borders. While originating in the EU, ProCogia has embraced these principles, applying them universally to the personal information we oversee or handle.

We invite those with a keen interest in our data collection practices on our website(s) or through our products, and our methods of data protection, to consult our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These documents comprehensively outline our privacy commitments and data protection duties to you.

For a more approachable summary of how we manage personal data, we offer the following overview, which we hope will be informative.

ProCogia Websites

Any personal information you provide on our websites is treated in strict accordance with the GDPR. Our sites, including the main ProCogia domain, gather information solely through your interactions, such as visiting our pages (which records IP addresses) and filling out forms (for information requests, support inquiries, event or account sign-ups, billing, etc.).

ProCogia Cloud Services

In relation to the data managed by ProCogia Cloud Services, ProCogia acts as a data processor. We employ rigorous technical and organizational security protocols to ensure the protection, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data within ProCogia Cloud Services. Secure HTTPS protocols encrypt all customer interactions with ProCogia Cloud Services, and we also encrypt data at rest within our infrastructure. ProCogia has established a Data Processing Addendum with our Cloud Services hosting provider, Amazon Web Services, accessible here: Clients using ProCogia’s Cloud Services can request our Data Processing Addendum (DPA) via

ProCogia Software

The management and processing of your data via ProCogia Software on your own devices fall under your purview. No specific agreement concerning the GDPR is required for ProCogia Software. The control and processing of any data via our software is your responsibility, and we do not access or have visibility into this data.

Should you have any more questions about our privacy practices or terms of service, please feel free to reach out to us at or contact your dedicated ProCogia Customer Success representative.