Best practices for bioinformatics consulting in next-generation sequencing

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Bioinformatics is central to the interpretation of biological and clinical data and their application within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and public health industries. Outsourcing bioinformatics services to an experienced bioinformatics consultancy allows you to maximize discoveries from your data. It also enables you to optimize your workflows and customize your experimental design. Let’s explore this in more detail.

Utilizing next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology in bioinformatics solutions

Utilizing next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology in bioinformatics solutions

  The incorporation of NGS in bioinformatics is key for biomedical areas such as patient diagnostics, therapeutic design, and personalized medicine. With the ability to sequence millions of DNA or RNA fragments from cells or solid and liquid tissues, NGS makes it possible to identify the genetic and transcriptomic code behind diseases. Bioinformatics solutions help to analyze and interpret that biological information across the molecular, cellular and genomic levels.

Bioinformatics consulting services


  The field of bioinformatics primarily focuses on nucleotide and protein sequencing for the analysis of genetic variation, hotspot mutations, gene expression, or protein expression across biological samples. This precise study of genes and proteins within the entire genome or proteome requires considerable computational power and statistical modeling. Together, they combine data across vast databases and often multiple modalities or multiple experiments. This makes bioinformatics a resource-intensive process for many organizations, increasing the demand for bioinformatics consulting and solutions such as cloud computing.

Bioinformatics consulting best practices


  Utilize cloud computing Using cloud computing for data management in NGS analysis provides new market opportunities for organizations, by enabling the development of high-speed biological computation platforms.   Integrate leading tools and software To help clients maintain a competitive advantage, bioinformatics consultants should offer capabilities for leading and emerging NGS platforms such as Illumina MiSeq and NextSeq, Nanopore Sequencing, 10X Genomics, and PacBio Sequencing.   Provide complete end-to-end bioinformatics solutions To best facilitate NGS analysis, bioinformatics consultants need to provide end-to-end bioinformatics solutions that help clients move quickly through sequencing workflows. Their offering should cover all stages of sequencing experiments, from experimental design to final data analysis. This includes optimizing custom barcode libraries to ensure positive and negative controls are validated.   Offer experienced data analysis Bioinformatics data drives clinical and translational research decisions. NGS data must undergo quality control and be analyzed properly depending on the modality of the experiment and the organism, such as human or mouse. This ensures that the data collected has high precision and accuracy and is statistically meaningful. This often requires customized solutions depending on the experimental design.   Customized services To deliver comprehensive ongoing support, bioinformatics consultants should provide all bioinformatics services, from project management to data engineering and analysis. This ensures that the client’s changing needs are met from the preclinical R&D phase through to each stage of clinical trials.

ProCogia bioinformatics consulting


  With a proven track record of delivering scientific results for a variety of clinical and translational research projects, our bioinformatics solutions are designed to help you maximize the potential of your data. ProCogia’s end-to-end data-driven service is based on our extensive experience in designing, optimizing, executing and analyzing biomedical data to extract meaningful insights. Our technology-agnostic solutions deliver technologies that are best suited to your individual business needs. Alongside this, our impressive knowledge of leading and emerging NGS technologies and their applications in preclinical and clinical R&D pipelines. This allows us to develop sophisticated analysis pipelines to interpret complex requirements within leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and public health organizations.



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