Get Your Social Right

ProCogia helped a telecommunications giant measure and improve its social media initiative

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Social Thumbs

Know the Value of Your Customer

ProCogia helped a large technology retailer to determine the value of its customer base so it could better segment and target them

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Customer Value

Get Your Data Infrastructure Ready

ProCogia helped an ECommerce company institutionalize their decision mechanism by building the complete infrastructure from scratch

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Zeros and Ones

Identify Your Customers

ProCogia can help you to better understand and segment your customers so that you are able to meet their needs

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Customer Segmenting

Data volumes are growing exponentially everywhere. Billions have been spent on building out the infrastructure for BI but that has not harnessed the value the data holds. ProCogia creates competitive advantage and takes out the ambiguity from decision making by providing timely actionable insights from analysis of your data.

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ProCogia works side-by-side its clients to help them in process improvements by monitoring and reporting the different aspects of operations. We help clients improve the efficiency of both front and back-office operations.

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Sales and Marketing

ProCogia partners with Consumer focused clients to monitor current performance and also provide new opportunities and improve the customer experience across Digital mediums like mobile, internet and more traditional mediums as well.

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Financial Services

ProCogia provides value add analytical solutions for a wide variety of financial areas from various industries to provide valuation advice and opinions for financial reporting, economic and advisory purposes.

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