ProCogia optimized ad-hoc data processing

Company Information

A leading telecom operator faced challenges with its existing ad-hoc data processing infrastructure, which was neither scalable nor cost-effective. The need for a solution that could handle fluctuating demands without incurring high costs or maintenance overhead was critical. ProCogia was enlisted to develop a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solution leveraging the power of serverless computing with AWS Lambda.

The Challenge

The telecom operator’s primary challenge was managing and scaling ad-hoc data processing jobs in an environment characterized by dynamic demands and team fluctuations. Traditional computing resources like EC2 instances or dedicated servers were proving to be costly and inefficient for running sporadic ad-hoc scripts. The operator required a flexible, scalable solution that could efficiently manage these jobs without resource contention or prohibitive costs.

Procogia’s Approach

ProCogia collaborated with leaders in the client’s organization to build the solution. Our process included:

Collaborated with stakeholders to understand the current ad-hoc processing jobs & predict future demand based on team fluctuations.

Implemented the ad-hoc jobs in AWS Lambda, a serverless computing engine which enabled teams to run multiple ad-hoc data analysis scripts and schedule them via CloudWatch.

Lambda bills for usage in increments of 100ms. These were more cost effective over EC2 instances or dedicated servers running adhoc scripts. ProCogia ensured the Lambda costs were low by building efficient Lambda functions which utilized Lambda’s permissible parallel computing power as needed. s.

We helped users and teams to schedule their scripts without worrying about resource contention.

The Results

ProCogia provided the client with a scalable solution which optimized the use of AWS resources and led to cost savings.

The leading telecom client is now able to process any number of new ad-hoc scripts using serverless computing capabilities of AWS Lambda without having to worry about increased costs or maintenance overhead

Services Used

Cloud Data Engineering

We partner with all major cloud providers, allowing us to adopt a data-agnostic approach focused on delivering tailored game-changing solutions.

Data Consultancy

We provide data consultancy to organizations to optimize your investment in people, processes, and technology. This is typically through data strategy engagements, roadmaps, transformations, and independent technology advice.

Data Operations (DataOps)

We build robust, scalable, and enterprising data environments that enhance the collaboration between data science teams.


Through the strategic use of AWS Lambda for ad-hoc data processing, ProCogia significantly enhanced the telecom operator’s data processing capabilities, introducing a scalable, cost-effective, and maintenance-free solution. This case study exemplifies ProCogia’s ability to leverage advanced cloud technologies to solve complex data challenges, driving efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings for its clients in the highly competitive telecom industry.

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