ProCogia built a modern Azure data warehouse

Company Information

A prominent marine retailer based in Seattle sought to modernize its data infrastructure to support business scalability and gain accurate insights from its historical data. The retailer turned to ProCogia to leverage their expertise in data engineering and consultancy to build a state-of-the-art data warehouse on Azure. This strategic move was aimed at enhancing data quality, enabling advanced reporting capabilities, and ensuring the retailer could efficiently scale its operations in line with business growth.

The Challenge

The retailer faced several challenges with its existing data management system, including inefficient full table loads that led to duplicated data and errors, a lack of historical insight due to limited reporting capabilities, and an overreliance on a transactional system for report generation. These issues not only hindered operational efficiency but also impeded the retailer’s ability to make informed decisions based on accurate data analysis.

Procogia’s Approach

ProCogia engaged their data engineering team who followed an agile methodology reporting progress weekly.

Automated the ingestion of data using Azure Data Factory.

The team implemented an ingestion pipeline which incrementally pulled data daily, which replaced previous inefficient full table loads.

Shifted the report generation from Power BI into the Azure data warehouse enabling previously undiscovered historical insight.

The Results

Improved data quality by removing duplicates and errors over a 20+ year period.

Azure data warehouse was built and automatically refreshed with business and transactional data.

Enabled dependency for report generation to be moved to a data warehouse with a subsequent reduction in load on a transactional system.

New reporting capabilities across including cash, inventory, sales & billing.

Educated the client on best practices in data management along with descriptive and diagnostic analytics.

Services Used

Data Consultancy

We provide Data Consultancy to organizations to optimize your investment in people, processes, and technology.

Data Engineering

ProCogia is partnered with the leading cloud providers, enabling our agnostic approach to focus on delivering tailored game-changing solutions for our clients.

Company Information

ProCogia’s development of a modern Azure data warehouse for the Seattle-based marine retailer represents a pivotal advancement in the retailer’s data management capabilities. By automating data ingestion, improving data quality, and enabling sophisticated reporting functionalities, ProCogia has facilitated a significant leap forward in operational efficiency and business scalability. This case study exemplifies ProCogia’s ability to deliver cutting-edge data solutions that empower clients to harness the full potential of their data, driving growth and enabling strategic insights.

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