Portfolio Analysis and Management System

Streamlined portfolio management and positioned them as a leader in sophisticated investment strategies tailored to each client’s unique goals.

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The Challenge

The Results

Key Portfolio Features


Designed a user-friendly interface for seamless portfolio creation and customization for allocation adjustments, asset selections, and asset classes.


Developed interactive visualizations for displayed portfolio performance, over time enabling portfolio analysts to compare their investments against benchmarks and evaluate returns. Enabled users to conduct scenario analysis with real-time visualization updates.


Calculated and integrated Quantitative and Qualitative statistics by displaying KPIs in real-time. Facilitated real-time editing and updating portfolios to conduct scenario-based analysis.


Empowered users to save portfolios along with their customization, specific configurations, and analysis results. Streamlined the copying of portfolio configurations and results for efficient portfolio replications or modifications. Enhanced collaboration among team members with features for sharing and reviewing portfolios.

Technical Implementation

User-Friendly Portfolio Creation

Designed a user-friendly interface for seamless portfolio creation and customization.

Built Interactive input tables to gather information about portfolio and its configurations.

Implemented a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature for easy asset selection and allocation adjustments.

Used interactive widgets like checkboxes, data tables, dropdowns, and searchable tables to facilitate asset selection, cashflows, and liabilities information.

Implemented adding, removing, and editing asset allocation in real-time through reactive expressions and observers using Shiny.

Created a system that captures the history of mix additions, removals, and allocation adjustments, allowing users to revert to previous states if necessary.

Implemented interactive sliders, input fields, or other controls that enable users to fine-tune the allocation of assets within each mix.

Used reactive programming in backend to recalculate portfolio allocations in real time.

Included validation mechanisms that prevent users from entering in-valid allocation percentages and provide clear error and alert messages.

Interactive Analysis and Real-time Visualization

Integrated optimization libraries such as `portfolio analytics` and `quantmod` to calculate performance metrics (Quantitative) such as return, standard devotion and Sharpe-ratio for across various asset classes.

Created interactive inputs for users to perform scenario analysis by adjusting market conditions and interest rates. Used reactive components to respond to changes in these parameters and update portfolio analysis accordingly real-time.

Utilized shiny reactivity in backend to detect changes in user inputs of asset allocations to updated visualizations of portfolio compositions and risk-return profiles dynamically as users adjust their inputs.

Used Shiny’s reactive capabilities to update charts and Data Tables dynamically based on changes in cash flow and liabilities data in visual and tabular format.

Integrated market data to provide up-to-date information on asset prices, news, and market trends for qualitative analysis.

Used R’s statistical functions or specialized packages for financial analysis to calculate metrics such as net cash flow, total liabilities, etc.

Portfolio Management

Utilized Shiny’s user session and server-side logic to manage list of portfolios and related data.

Implemented logic to remove the portfolios and update the displayed data accordingly through Shiny’s reactivity.

Streamlined logic to copy the data and configuration for one portfolio into another independent copy.

Logged and stored details of portfolio, including the user responsible, timestamp, and the nature of the change for reverse engineering.

Integrated version control mechanisms within Shiny to capture and manage different versions of portfolio configurations.

Provided quick access panels for essential actions such as saving, copying, and versioning portfolios.

Used POSIT Connect authentication mechanism to secure user access and define authorization levels.


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