ProCogia partners with the Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society (ACCESS)

ProCogia partners with the Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society (ACCESS)


ACCESS is a BC incorporated, non-profit society that aims to increase indigenous participation in the labor market. ACCESS serves to enhance human resource development and the sustainable capacity of the urban Indigenous population in Greater Vancouver through the provision of employment and training services. ACCESS is responsible and accountable for the programming, delivery, and reporting to the government and community.


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ACCESS is one of the most comprehensive indigenous training providers in Canada. It provides a variety of employment and training programs and services. Through a modern blend of interdisciplinary programs across industry sectors, ACCESS is dedicated to supporting urban Indigenous people in overcoming employment barriers and finding rewarding career opportunities.

ACCESS & ProCogia’s Partnership


As an organization that values people, ProCogia’s business revolves around our clients and our employees. We realize the importance of innovative data solutions and champion the culture of sharing our knowledge and expertise with non-profits & community groups that can benefit from our support. ‘Growth’ is one of ProCogia’s core values, we believe in not just growing ourselves and our team but helping other organizations and individuals grow too.

Equal representation at ProCogia is something CEO Mehar Pratap Singh firmly believes in. ‘Our partnership with ACCESS will give indigenous teenagers an insight into what a career in Data & Analytics would entail. They will also learn various coding best practices from our team of data consultants so we hope they will leave with some new skills too’.

Senior Data Science Consultant, Ned Booker established the partnership with ACCESS after running local evening ‘coding for kids’ sessions at the Urban Native Youth Association in Vancouver. He said, ‘it feels great to give back to the community in some way and share something I am so passionate about. Our hope is through our programs we inspire more indigenous individuals to pursue further education in STEAM subjects and then onto careers in the tech industry.’

In the coming months, Ned and his team will teach indigenous individuals basic python syntax and coding, how to use external libraries & make graphs as well as data analysis techniques at intensive three-day coding workshops during the summer vacation. 

If you would like to contribute to ACCESS’s mission, please reach out to Jas Bhela ( to find out how you or your organization can help!


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