Why do you need data consultants?

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The right data consultants can help your organization to gain greater insights and derive more value from your data. Regardless of the type of products and services your business delivers, or which industry you operate in, understanding what your data says about your customers, your products, and your brand is critical to success. As your business amasses more and more data over time, and the need to manage and understand it grows, you will require the support of data consultants. To survive and thrive in today’s dynamic data-driven economy, organizations need to make smart, data-driven decisions. Data consultants will enable your company to translate your data into meaningful and actionable information. Ultimately, data consultants will ensure you create a data-driven culture and drive your business goals forward. ProCogia’s team of data consultants are dedicated to providing data solutions, no matter what size of business or what industry sector you work in. Our agile project management process means we have everything covered to meet your needs.

The role of a data consultant

A data consultant has a wide remit across many fields including data analysis. The right data consultant will have the experience and ability to look at the complete picture across the whole organization. This will enable them to understand the business goals, challenges and requirements and consider these from a data perspective.  Data consultants can provide a comprehensive suite of data services. These can range from advising on an  organization’s data strategy to designing and delivering analytics solutions that will empower business decision making. Data consultants are often brought in by businesses that need to expedite data initiatives, develop analytics solutions for a specific use case, or simply run a data audit on existing systems. Depending on your requirements, our data consultants can help you with your entire data and analytics journey, covering everything from your data strategy through to implementing data solutions end-to-end. This will enable you to make sense of your data and then use it to address current business challenges and drive business growth.

What skills does a data consultant have?

data consultants   Data consultants have an array of specialist skills including, but not limited to: 

  • Collating and analyzing data 
  • Deep understanding of data programming languages
  • Expertise across a range of business intelligence tools (such as Tableau, Power BI and Qlik) 
  • Creating clear and compelling dashboards and visualizations 

In addition, a key skill required for a data consultant is the ability to communicate and present data insights, translating them into business actions. Data consultants must also be able to communicate complex findings to non-technical members of an organization in a way that is understandable for everyone. Data consultants will gain an in-depth understanding of an organization’s requirements and identify any issues with the data infrastructure that need to be addressed before diving into analysis. This requires good listening skills and the ability to work with C-level executives to understand their business needs and align those needs with the data solution.

A data consultant will increase the value of your data

data consultants data analysis   A data consultant will apply specialist expertise and technical knowledge to leverage the power of your data and generate greater value. They can turn raw data into strategies that improve processes and efficiencies, ultimately increasing profitability.  Data insights can be used to drive forward a major project, generate business growth, or evaluate which area of the business you should be focusing on. With the help of accurate forecasts and predictions in customer behavior, it is possible to plan for the future, based on historical insights depicted in your data. However, data consultancy and data science aren’t just about making businesses more profitable. They are also about advancements in the scientific and technological world. For instance, the Human Genome project – which ran from 1990 to 2021 – made huge advancements in studying the function of genes, thanks to data analysis

In need of a data consultant?

If your organization is looking to enhance its data maturity and generate more value from your data, contact ProCogia’s team of data specialists today. We are here to maximize the potential of your data and help you make your next breakthrough – whatever that looks like.

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