What are the benefits of a data engineering consultancy?

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There are many benefits to utilising a data engineering consultancy beyond advancing your business’s data insights. Beyond making your data more accessible, identifiable and easier to analyze, it also provides your wider business activities with clarity to help align your operations. We delve a little deeper into the processes behind a data engineering consultancy and how it can give your business a competitive advantage below.

Streamline the process towards data-driven insights

benefits of a data engineering consultancy


What does a data engineering consultant do?

A data engineering consultant provides your processes with structure by connecting your operational systems, business insights and data analytics through a data flow system. Outsourcing these services to a professional data engineering consultant ensures rigor and consistency across the processing of your data within your data pipeline, as well as malleability to adapt at pace to your business needs.

What are data engineering services?

Cloud data engineering extracts, transforms and loads large datasets within an organization. By managing data from extraction to loading, data engineering provides leading solutions for organizations operating at scale, producing valuable insights in real-time. Data engineering services build tailored systems and architecture to collect and manage the usage of your data in the cloud. By adopting a cloud-first approach, these services allow you to deliver scalable data operations, utilizing industry-leading technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and Snowflake. ProCogia’s data-agnostic services and solutions include:

  • Data warehousing solutions determined by your specific business needs
  • Data quality services including data profiling, data cleaning and data monitoring
  • Big data engineering designed to leverage the benefit of modern data processing technologies for very large data sets.

Optimize your data for greater insights using data modelling

data engineering consultancy


What is data modelling in data engineering?

By creating a simplified and optimized structure for your data elements, data modelling designs a blueprint and creates a visual representation for managing your information systems and database. This process identifies the relationships between your data types and organizes them based on format type within an information system. A data engineering consultant will continue to evolve this model as your business needs evolve in order to support your business processes.

Master big data

benefits of a data engineering consultancy


What is big data engineering?

It’s a combination of the structured, unstructured and semistructured data your organization collects and uses to inform day-to-day operations and business decisions. Data engineering solutions can aid your big data storage and management by allowing you to easily access and retrieve large amounts of data. This in turn accelerates the decision-making process by reducing the time taken to access your data insights. By implementing an effective data engineering solution, a data engineering consultant will provide guidance on document classification and confidential information. This will empower your organization by mastering the risk management of sensitive data and GDPR compliance.

Take control of your data with a ProCogia data engineering consultation

  As a market-leading data consultancy, our engineering expertise spans a wealth of industries. We partner with all major cloud providers to deliver tailor-made solutions with a data-agnostic approach. This keeps our clients’ data solutions at the forefront of innovation, supported by our expertise in other areas such as data science, bioinformatics and BI and analytics. Speak to our trusted data engineers to hear our expert recommendations for your custom-designed data engineering solutions.

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