Implemented size standardization and streamline SKU creation

Company Information

A prominent US retailer sought to address challenges in product size standardization and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) creation efficiency. With an extensive array of products, the retailer faced complexities in categorizing, allocating, and displaying sizes accurately across its e-commerce platform and inventory management systems. ProCogia was engaged to develop a comprehensive solution that would not only standardize size information across a vast number of SKUs but also facilitate a more efficient SKU creation process.

The Challenge

The retailer’s primary challenges included disparate size categorizations across different product types, inefficient SKU creation processes, and inconsistencies in size information dissemination across IT systems. These challenges affected inventory allocation, e-commerce site user experience, and overall operational efficiency. A unified approach to size standardization and SKU management was needed to address these issues comprehensively.

Procogia’s Approach

ProCogia collaborated with leaders in the client’s organization to build the solution. Our process included:

Identify subject-matter experts

with industry knowledge, and understand how sizes work for a wide range of the client’s products.

Document the various size elements

that drive product categorization and allocation.

Build a central size repository

for assorted products and sizes, upload it to the SKU setup system, and streamline the SKU creation process.

Update production databases

with new size data, with elements for fits, widths, ranges etc.

Develop an industry-grade size library

that includes all possible combinations of current and future size elements.

Productionalize new size information

and ensure seamless propagation across all IT systems that consume the data.

The Results

This architectural redevelopment has had positive effects across the organization, from optimizing where the products are sold, to how sizes are displayed on the client’s e-commerce site. Improved capabilities include:

The company now has an efficient size standardization solution and an extensive library of industry-standard size ranges for over 1.2 Million Shelf Keeping Units (SKU).

The quality of inventory allocation has improved significantly with an updated and comprehensive understanding of sizes in all merchandizing IT systems.

The library can also handle any future sizes for which no historical information currently exists.

Services Used

Data Consultancy

We provide data consultancy to organizations to optimize your investment in people, processes, and technology. This is typically through data strategy engagements, roadmaps, transformations, and independent technology advice.

Data Operations (DataOps)

We build robust, scalable, and enterprising data environments that enhance the collaboration between data science teams.


ProCogia’s development of a centralized size standardization and SKU streamlining solution for a major US retailer represents a significant advancement in addressing retail industry challenges. By fostering collaboration with industry experts and leveraging innovative data solutions, ProCogia not only enhanced the retailer’s operational efficiency but also improved the e-commerce user experience. This case study exemplifies ProCogia’s ability to transform complex challenges into actionable solutions, driving strategic growth and operational excellence.

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