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As an Advanced Consulting Partner for Incorta, ProCogia helps clients implement end to end data and analytic solutions leveraging their platform. Our business outcomes -centric team focuses on your organization’s specific requirements and objectives, crafting a customized strategy to meet your unique needs. 

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Advanced Consulting Partner

Incorta offers an innovative and flexible end-to-end service data platform, empowering any business user to analyze complex, full-fidelity business data in real-time. It provides integrated user access to all components of the data pipeline — data connections, business semantics, security settings, scheduling, and publishing — enabling business units to be more self-sufficient and agile.

Very Fast Data Load Speed

As Incorta loads data, it creates a dataset that is actually smaller than the source data, as opposed to most dimensional modeling schemes which create a dataset larger than the source data. This results in efficient cluster data transfers and fast data loads into memory. ProCogia Services ensure optimal implementation and management of this process.

Analyze More Data

While most other solutions just compress data on-disk and uncompress it as it is read into memory, Incorta maintains a columnar and compressed data organization both on-disk and in-memory. Incorta is not memory-bound.

“Smart” Data Lake

Incorta offers a Data Lake architecture enhanced with metadata, upsert capability, and multi-version read consistency. ProCogia Services enhance these features, ensuring a smart and efficient data lake implementation.

Direct Data Mapping

Incorta’s direct data mapping eliminates the need to restructure and aggregate data. It enables near real-time ingestion of operational systems at full fidelity, allowing for analytics with no data left behind. ProCogia Services facilitate this process, ensuring seamless data mapping and ingestion.

Connect to Any Data Source

Incorta connects to any data source, schedules high-performance extraction, and builds a modern, durable data store that is versatile, compact, and capable of feeding multiple workloads. ProCogia Services provide expert support to integrate and manage these connections effectively.

Analyze Real-Time without Transformations

Incorta allows the analysis of large amounts of raw business data in real-time without transformation. Users can drill into details, ask any question, and even train machine learning models. ProCogia Services enhance this capability, providing support for real-time analysis and model training.

Supporting Clients with Incorta Solutions

These descriptions highlight how ProCogia’s services enhance the implementation, integration, and utilization of Incorta’s capabilities, ensuring a successful and impactful deployment.


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