Why you should work with an AWS Partner

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AWS partner

As an AWS Partner, ProCogia has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our team provides AWS solutions that are specifically designed to help businesses like yours maximize their potential. But first, let’s go back to basics: AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is the world’s most popular, most comprehensive and most widely adopted platform for cloud computing. AWS solutions allow companies to reduce their overall costs with an adaptable and agile platform that provides the resources to be more creative when it comes to business.  Just imagine what you could achieve if you had access to the web services that run Amazon. Ready to realize your potential?

ProCogia is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner

ProCogia is part of the global network of AWS Partners, which brings together people and companies from across the planet who all have one thing in common. They have been officially recognized and approved by AWS. To join this network, ProCogia had to meet certain technical criteria set by Amazon Our official status as an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner means we have a wealth of experience when it comes to delivering AWS solutions across multiple industries. ProCogia can use Amazon Web Services when developing solutions for your organization. With ProCogia as your AWS Partner, you can grow your business with instant access to huge amounts of computing power, storage and databases. The ProCogia team can support your organization, helping you to use the global AWS platform that supercharges computing power and scalability. Ultimately, this will enable your businesses to move faster, reduce IT costs and continually improve your cloud platform. 

We are part of the AWS Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program

AWS partner   The AWS PSP program validates AWS Partners that provide cloud-based solutions and experience to support government, space education and nonprofit organizations across the globe. We are a member of this program because we have successfully delivered AWS solutions for a range of public sector organizations. If you are operating in the public sector and you’d like to find out how we can support your organization, talk to ProCogia.

What our AWS Partner status means for your business

AWS partner   Being an AWS Partner means ProCogia is ideally positioned to help your business transition to the cloud network. Our team has worked closely with many organizations across many industries, helping them transition to the AWS cloud platform and optimize their use of AWS to achieve their unique business goals more effectively. When you work with an AWS Partner like ProCogia, your business can flex and grow in a more dynamic way that enables smarter working practices. Integrating with Amazon’s specialist cloud systems will empower your organization and your team to become more innovative, while significantly reducing your business costs.

Tap into an AWS Partner’s specialist knowledge

AWS partner   Team up with an AWS Partner and your organization can tap into our team’s specialist knowledge and expertise. ProCogia will lead you on your cloud migration, ensuring you have a seamless transition. Then we will support you at every stage of your AWS cloud-enabled journey.  Procogia can help you to use advanced solutions such as AWS data lakes and analytics functions. Bringing your data together in one data lake will enable you to effectively collate insights, providing a new level of understanding regarding your business performance. These insights can be used to adapt and scale your operations in the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective way. In addition, our data engineers can create the correct data architecture to help you build scalable solutions for your business. With ProCogia acting as your AWS partner, you’ll always be one step ahead.


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