Domopalooza 2019

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Domo has found a way to connect all the data that you could possibly want access to and made it into a user-friendly platform that translates the data into visualizations that anyone in your company can understand. Domo has made their platform incredibly user-friendly. If you are technologically challenged, you will still be able to create incredible visualizations. They also allow the platform to be customized based on client needs where a partner like ProCogia can come in and build intricate connectors for Domo clients. The capabilities of this platform are astounding.

Domopalooza was an action-packed week with all the knowledge your head could hold shared at general sessions, break-out sessions and at their genius lab, an abundance of delicious food, and activities such as concerts in the evenings and skiing at world-renowned Snowbird on the last day.

The Power of the Platform was the theme of the conference. Domo made some big announcements at the conference like new data science, AI and machine learning tiles that will expand Domo to become a more capable all-in-one platform. They also made an announcement of their Domo for Good program that will support non-profits to use the platform to make decisions that will directly affect communities and those in need.

Derek White explained how Domo has changed the game for BBVA by allowing them to see data in real-time which directly affects their business. One after another, you could hear stories from speakers explaining how Domo has affected their work and their company. The recurring theme was that Domo made it simple for companies to understand the information that their data was telling them. This led to collaboration between various departments based on real-time data. They were able to make informed decisions based on the data that they already had available.

Domo wrote a quick recap post that you can access here for more information on Domopalooza.

We came to Domopalooza as a sponsor and spent most of our time near the ProCogia booth talking with anyone that came by who wanted to know more about what we do. We are one of the few partners that are capable of implementing the data science capabilities within Domo. We were pleasantly surprised to see how many people from across the globe made it a priority to be at Domopalooza this year. Domopalooza was the perfect meeting place for everyone to come together, find support in their implementation, and learn about the new capabilities that Domo is releasing!

ProCogia recently partnered with Domo because we have seen what they were capable of and we want to be a part of it. ProCogia is also certified in Domo and we can hit the ground running to implement any part of Domo for companies.

Please reach out to us at or give us a call at +1 425-624-7532 if you want information on how we can help your company succeed.

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