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Discover how our team of Acuna specialists can turn your data problems into data solutions.

Our approach

How Does It Work?

To ensure a robust development process, we follow a lean methodology when approaching R system or R application designs.

Within Acuna consulting, the approach will vary slightly between RStudio – Posit services, R Shiny dashboarding and SAS to R conversion, but all encompass the steps below.

The benefits

How Will R Benefit You?

If you’re looking to move from SAS to R, there are many benefits of partnering with our Acuna team.

Our Approach

  • We review and prepare SAS programs, caching input data for development and identifying critical return objects
  • Formalize a program style guide designed for portability and long-term maintainability
  • We have developed a series of tools for evaluating SAS output and verifying migrated code matches. These tools and test are bundled with all completed migrations so the client can verify the quality of the migration.

Open-Source Flexibility

  • R can be run on various platforms, including Windows, and is a proud partner with Linux, allowing users to switch between systems and utilize their preferred hardware configurations
  • Switching to an open-source R model is much more cost-effective in comparison to legacy models, saving companies thousands
  • Maximize existing investments through R’s ecosystem with SAS’s established infrastructure, enabling clients to leverage their existing SAS models and processes while harnessing R’s rich set of packages and tools.

Enhanced Capabilities

  • We leverage capabilities by utilizing specialized analytical functions and procedures from SAS alongside R’s advanced statistical and visualization capabilities, enabling clients to tackle complex problems effectively
  • Tailored solutions to specific needs by combining SAS’s enterprise-leveln integration capabilities with R’s customizable and extensible nature, allowing clients to adapt solutions to their unique requirements
  • Converting SAS code to R allows users to work with data from different file types (e.g. CVS, Excel, JSON) and databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL) seamlessly.

Ongoing Support

  • We’ll work closely with businesses to ensure a smooth and successful transition to R, ensuring minimal daily disruptions in the transition process
  • By taking advantage of our SAS to R conversion and training services, businesses can improve their data analysis processes and stay ahead of the competition
  • We keep our clients up-to-date with the latest developments in analytics through continuous innovation and sharing of information. Our aim is to educate them on the evolving landscape of analytics.


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Technology expertise

Our data solutions are powered by the following technologies

Frequently asked questions

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A data analytics platform aggregates, organizes and derives interpretable data and creates actionable visualizations for an organization to process. This software platform uses the data collected to build detailed customer profiles and segment audiences to drive business value.

RStudio – Posit is a free, open source integrated development environment (IDE) for the R programming language. It enables SAS and R integration to provide further functionality for statistical computing and graphics, combining build animation tools, a debugger and a source code editor.

Acuna is a range of R services including RStudio – Posit installations, R Shiny dashboard development and SAS and R integration and conversion.

Cloud-based software offers more flexibility to scale your storage and quickly and easily access data, relieving many of the data challenges that organizations face. Cloud-managed software often integrates cloud analytics for a more comprehensive view of your data. This provides valuable insights and enables you to increase your business efficiencies.


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