Industry Expertise

At ProCogia, we work with businesses worldwide, across a range of industries, helping them to optimize the value of their data and make intelligent data-driven decisions. We support our clients at all stages of their data journey, improving data maturity, and providing a competitive advantage through our tailored data solutions.

The ProCogia Team

Our team of data specialists is experienced in working with clients spanning sectors including Telecom, Technology, Media, Pharma, Retail, Non-Profit, and Biotech – often in highly-regulated environments. We tailor bespoke solutions to optimize the potential of your data by fielding a team with deep technological expertise and years of domain knowledge.


Industry Specialists

We create and deliver market-leading data solutions. We have data experts that specialize in certain sectors and those with a wider industry remit.

If you are looking for a data solutions partner, you can be sure that the experienced team at ProCogia has a deep understanding of the breath of data challenges faced across different sectors. In fact, we find many of the challenges are the same across sectors, meaning we have likely solved the problem before.

Here are just a few highlights from each sector.


Data Solutions



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