The Challenge


Procogia’s Approach


  • Deployed a team with extensive expertise in SAS and R. Our North American staff were embedded with the client to stay abreast of requirements and incorporate feedback while our team lead managed ProCogia developers based in our global delivery centres (India/Ireland)
  • We developed a set of libraries for all code development. These libraries facilitated local code development that could be efficiently scaled to a larger production environment
  • Developed automated testing protocols and code reviews ensuring that migrated code produced results that exactly matched original SAS processes without any loss of quality or efficiency
  • Managed and maintained written documentation of migration details for delivery team
  • Seamlessly integrated development process within client’s existing Agile project management framework.

The Results


  • Global delivery team provided round the clock code development to meet all deadlines ahead of schedule
  • The final open-source code base is scalable across the latest in big-data analytic platforms and developed with futureproofing and portability as a specification.
  • R processes optimized for use on a Spark cluster using an Azure-based Databricks environment
  • Automatic testing integrated into CI/CD processes for long term maintenance ensuring a reliable codebase over the long term
  • Client can eliminate their reliance on SAS and its associated licensing costs
  • Data analysts and content experts now have access to the latest in analytic technology, enabling them to incorporate the latest data science tools for making market insights to better serve their customers.


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