Introducing the ProCogia Leadership Team

Gabe Hanzeli

Executive Advisor

A 35 year career at Boeing leading information technology teams, advising with information technology vendors and developing information technology leaders. As an Executive Advisor at ProCogia Gabe supports the management team with business strategy, leadership development and process improvement. Gabe serves on the University of Washington Economics advisory committee executive council working with faculty and mentoring students. Gabe is an avid soccer player, enjoys bicycling, water sports, skiing, building/flying model aircraft and building/flying aerobatic private planes.

Mehar Pratap Singh

CEO & Founder

Mehar founded ProCogia a decade ago to offer more value and better service to clients than traditional consulting firms. Mehar has a background in Electrical Engineering and has worked primarily in consulting, technology and telecom sectors. He has held board [MP1] positions at R Consortium, University of Washington, Society of Punjabi Engineers & Technologists to name a few. He is passionate about open-source technology, developing innovative products, skydiving and sea fishing.

Peng Zhang

Director of Data Solutions

Peng is the Director of Data Solutions at ProCogia. Peng oversees the teams of Data Scientists, Analysts, Architects and Engineers who work with our clients across Telecom, Pharma, Biotechnology, Retail, Logistics, Technology, Financial Services, Media & non-profit

Peng received his PhD in Experimental Medicine from the University of British Columbia, during which he discovered his deep interest in data analytics. He then joined a retail focused Analytics firm where he honed his management, leadership and consulting skills developing himself into an influential data leader. At ProCogia, Peng and his team supports clients at all stages of their data journey from Data Ops and Engineering right through to Machine Learning and AI. In his personal life, Peng is a father of two, a travel fanatic (to a degree that he once started his own luxury tour operating company), and a student pilot in training.

Matthew Padbury

Director of Sales & Marketing

Matthew originally from North Yorkshire, England spent many years living in Edinburgh, Scotland working in the Data & Analytics sector. He gained experience establishing and managing relationships with UK Banking & Financial Services clients to support their change and regulatory programmes from a data perspective.

Now based in Vancouver, Canada, Matthew & his team manage ProCogia’s relationships with global Telecom, Pharma, Technology and Media giants. He establishes and directs sales and marketing activities at ProCogia focusing on Digital Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Account Management and new clients. Outside of work he enjoys Mountain Biking, Skiing, Tennis, Golf & Yorkshire Tea.

Cassandra de longh

Director of People Operations

Cassandra is the Director of People Operations for ProCogia. She oversees the HR team, Recruitment, and Business Operations of the company. After moving to Vancouver from South Africa in 2016, she decided to switch things up and get into recruiting after an interesting progression as a consumer marketer, and formerly an artist. The common theme running through her vocation is the ability to see the bigger picture and make meaningful connections, be it between consumer and product, or culture and company. Cassandra leads with empathy and heart, allowing her to unpack and peel open uncomfortable topics, creating a safe space for vulnerability. Her greatest asset is her ability to build confidence in people, leveraging the strengths of her team and driving self-awareness in the workplace.


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