A note from our advisor

A note from our advisor

It has been almost four years since I joined ProCogia as an advisor. Today, the values of ProCogia’s founder Mehar Singh still inspire me. At ProCogia, we strive for open communication, teamwork, continuous learning, and career development for all our employees. Our data scientists embody these values as they exercise their deep analytic and mathematical skills, working together to bring new insights to our clients. That culture of open, respectful dialogue mixed with challenging new learning enriches my own experience with the team.

I regularly meet with all team members individually and discuss both their growth in the company and their growth as professionals. Our conversations include everything from specific technical skills to relevant business topics in Seattle-area industries. As we talk, we’re shaping our understanding of our customers’ business drivers as well as pinpointing technologies that are important for us to learn. I find these interchanges help bring us together and make us a stronger team. Not only that, I’m learning a lot from the team about the direction of data science as they practice it.

My work with Mehar is exciting as we discuss the maturation of data science and how to best apply it for our customers in the Seattle area and beyond. It’s rewarding to spend time sharing what we have learned from each team member and investigate new ways to help them grow professionally. I am thankful for having joined this team and look forward to our next set of opportunities.


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