Life at ProCogia?

James, Canada
Things started to resonate with me even as I was getting hired here, ProCogia’s nurturing environment kept appealing to me. We are like a big family and we care about each other; we focus on being ethical and doing the right thing for our clients. ProCogiaers, as we like to call each other, have a choice in the work we take on: Is this work going to interest me? Can I learn something while I am working on this? Is it in an area where I want to grow my expertise? The fact that there is flexibility in the system allows me to make a cognizant and unhurried choice about how I want to work. Today, that may mean working at full throttle, but tomorrow things may slow down. Just knowing that I have the control and backing to make those types of changes keeps me interested and motivated.

Venkat, India
It is a very entrepreneurial company, it is very collegial so we have a lot of fun together. Just knowing that we all are in it together makes it a very collaborative and supportive atmosphere. Another thing that I like about ProCogia is that everyone is passionate about what they do. It has given me an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. In all my years at ProCogia I have never done the same thing twice.
Every project has been a stretch of my skill set so that I get out of my comfort zone and continue to learn and grow. But that learning does not have to be done on my own and there is a complete support network for that. The hard work that is put in does not go unnoticed and it is rewarded both in an intangible and tangible manner. We get to share the rewards of the company and that motivates me to perform even better each and every day.