How We Add Value

Operation analytics are useful across diverse industries such as CPG, Retail and Finance to better understand and target the customers to increase profitability and the effectiveness of the organization.

Working side-by-side with our clients we help them in process improvements by monitoring and reporting the different aspects of operations. We help clients improve the efficiency of both front and back-office operations.

  1. Supply chain – Using a completely data driven approach, we help clients solve complex strategic and operational problems. Our analysis helps them to developing strategies that balance cost, risks and rewards.
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  2. Customer care and support – Our Partners work with clients to monitor current customer support capabilities, and find areas of focus and help them develop new customer care competencies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their existing capabilities to maximize the return on their customer care investments.
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Operation Types

Area Analysis Sample Business Questions
  • SKU Rationalization
  • Replenishment planning
  • Space Utilization
  • Assortment Optimization
  • Store Layout planning
  • What should be the inventory and service level?
  • What are over all savings from SKU rationalization and potential for customer dissatisfaction?
  • Demand Planning
  • How do I minimize out of stocks?
Network Optimization
  • Simulation and Optimization Planning
  • What are the operational and financial costs of alternative networks?
  • Vendor Management and Score Card
  • How Can I optimize my sourcing needs?
  • Risk Based Pricing
  • What is the optimum price of my product?
  • Loss Forecasting
  • Risk Management
  • Fraud Analytics
  • Claim Estimations
  • Stress Testing
  • How can I minimize my losses?
  • How reduce fraud in my business?
  • How can I maximize the ROI from my portfolio?
Score Cards
  • Collection
  • Recovery
  • Application
  • Cross Sell
  • What products can I sell across product lines?
  • Are any services causing significant churn?