Sales & Marketing Services

What We Do

ProCogia provides value add analytical solutions for the entire customer lifecycle awareness to retention. We work with clients across the value chain to provide data analysis and recommendations to support the key decisions. Marketing analytics are useful across diverse industries such as CPG, Retail and Finance to better understand and target the customers to increase profitability and the effectiveness of the organization.

The Process

ProCogia partners with Consumer focused clients to monitor current performance and also provide new opportunities and improve the customer experience across Digital mediums like mobile, internet and more traditional mediums as well. Marketing Analytics enables a business to generate incremental revenue and optimize the marketing spend. Businesses become more efficient and productive, there by generating incremental saves. It also helps improve customer experience, and helps understand the customer mindset.

  1. Acquire – We use analytics to size the market opportunity for our clients and also help them identify, segment, target and acquire high value customers in a cost effective manner and maximize the ROI on marketing spend to improve returns.
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  2. Engage – We help our clients to maximize customer engagement by measuring their customer's lifetime value (CLTV). We also help them to augment customer understanding and identify factors than can help increase customer engagement. We also help our clients to improve the customer service experience across multiple channels.
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  3. Retention – Using data driven approaches we can proactively identify and target customers that maybe at a higher risk of attrition along with actionable recommendations that help in retaining those customers who have expressed a desire to leave and thus regain back detached customers.
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Below is a sample of work that we have done:

Area Analysis Sample Business Questions
Market Opportunity
  • Product Design & Feature Selection
  • Brand & Equity Drivers Analysis
  • What are customers looking for?
  • What are new possible customer segments for this product?
  • What is the customer perception of the brand?
  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Channel Optimization
  • Online Media Effectiveness
  • Pricing and Promotion
  • What customer segment should be targeted?
  • How to optimize spend across different activities?
  • What campaigns are working?
  • Are the online media assets generating value?
  • What is the price sensitivity of my customers?
  • Which promotion tactics are the most effective?
  • Attrition Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • How to proactively target churn?
  • What are the signals of at risk customers?
  • Why are the customers leaving?
  • What to do to increase satisfaction?