What's it like to be a part of ProCogia?

There are no employees at ProCogia, only partners. ProCogia belongs to everyone who works here. You will reap the rewards of your entrepreneurial spirit with the opportunity to shape the future of the company. Career at ProCogia is a journey that starts with learning about data and continues as you go through the various phases in Data’s life cycle in I-DOP™ Framework.

But this is not the only journey, you’ll also learn how to grow with your fellow partners – nurture and flourish. Working at ProCogia is a lot like working with your friends. We understand, respect, appreciate and include different people. Furthermore, we believe in keeping each other informed, so our senior leaders regularly hold Open Forum events to answer all your questions.

Choose your path
Our people set their own career direction, guided by their zeal and interests. Your growth comes from hands-on client work and opportunities to learn from your fellow partners.

Own (y)our success
In addition to offering the opportunity of becoming a part of ProCogia, we encourage everyone to take the initiative to make ProCogia better in every way. We thrive on open communication, transparency, and a strong ownership mentality.

Build your network
At ProCogia, we invest in relationships with each other, our clients, and our communities. You'll build your network through internal and external ProCogia activities, forums and events.