Financial Services

How We Add Value

Financial Services are the hearbeat of any organization and is a key to increase profitability and the effectiveness of the organization. ProCogia provides value add analytical solutions for a wide variety of financial areas from various industries to provide valuation advice and opinions for financial reporting, economic and advisory purposes. We work with clients across the value chain to provide data analysis and recommendations to support the key decisions.

The Process

ProCogia provides its client’s financial services that help them monitor and improve one of the key aspects of their business and we offer a full range of valuation services to clients who depend on us to provide insightful and thorough valuations that enable them to make informed business decisions. We focus on the following areas:

  1. Risk management – We at ProCogia understand that mitigating risk and the optimal allocation of capital leads to effective business management. While we understand that it is impossible to not have any business risk as it is recurring, unforeseen and occasional phenomenon. However, if we can understand and to a certain degree control risk then we can influence our strategic actions to mitigate and manage risk volatility and the impact on business.
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  2. Valuation – ProCogia’s valuation services helps the clients by identifying, unlocking and capturing the business value of various facets of the company. Through structured data analysis we help customers identify improvements to an existing business process using a data driven approach.
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Areas Of Interest

Area Analysis Sample Business Questions
  • Loss Forecasting
  • Risk Management
  • Fraud Analytics
  • Claim Estimations
  • Stress Testing
  • Do I have the right mix of products?
  • Am I innovating fast enough?
  • Demand Planning
  • How do I minimize out of stocks?
Product Optimization
  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Channel Optimization
  • Online Media Effectiveness
  • Pricing and Promotion
  • Risk based pricing
  • How to optimize spend across different activities?
  • What campaigns are working?
  • HAre the online media assets generating value?
  • What is the price sensitivity of my customers?
  • Loyalty Program Analysis
  • Product Mix Optimization/Up sell /Cross Sell
  • Who are my most valuable customers?
  • What is the value of my customers?
  • How can loyalty program help increase customer value?
  • When to cross sell?
Valuation and Score Cards
  • Collection
  • Recovery
  • Application
  • Cross Sell
  • How is my revenue accrual working?
  • Am I compliant to rules and regulations?
  • What is my valued worth?