Engagement Model

Retainer/ Staff Augmentation
  • What does this mean? This option is great for an ongoing engagement, where we come in as an extension team for the client and augment their analytical capabilities.
  • When is this recommended? In our experience we have seen this model to succeed when the client has a mature team and is looking for help in scaling the team.
  • Why would the client want this model? It provides a highly cost effective global delivery model and ProCogia provides a holistic partnership where we bring in value by enhancing client capabilities with analytical talent.
  • How is this accomplished? It can be a hybrid of onsite and onsite, depending on the client’s needs, budget and experience with global delivery model. The chances of success increase if the client has a short and long term vision for the business.

Project Based
  • What does this mean? This model is for scenarios where the client needs Ad-hoc help for specific project engagements.
  • When is this recommended? This is recommended when the client needs access to specific ProCogia expertise for a short period of time.
  • Why would the client want this model? The client has temporary resource constraints and has needs to solve specific business problems or the client just wants to evaluate ProCogia capabilities before moving on to a more long term engagement model.
  • How is this accomplished? ProCogia takes full responsibility and control of delivery once the project details have been agreed upon and takes end to end responsibility of project delivery.