Delivery Framework

ProCogia Delivery Framework (3DFW™) is one of the reasons why clients come to ProCogia as it provides reliable, proven solutions and services delivered as efficiently as possible without compromising the delivery quality. It is a platform for achieving high performance that allows global collaboration and our clients glean from ProCogia’s experience, high-quality standards and innovation into their improved performance. The outcome is an interconnected, virtual global team that allows our clients to get the best in class analytical solutions.

Delivery Overview
While employing 3DFW™ delivery mechanism we believe that like humans no two companies are alike but still share certain common characteristics. We also know from our experience working with wide variety of clients that there is no one-size fits all solution and clients can benefit from ProCogia’s expertise in solving those problems. When these problems are solved consistently and successfully it leads to an improved productivity and quality for our clients. ProCogia provides an inimitable process that mixes conventional methods with our special approach that vastly enhances accountability and track ability. It encompasses the exhaustive experience of all our partners and clients from around the world and translates into a set of proven methods, tools, metrics and architecture.

Delivery Tools, Metrics and Architecture
The power of the 3DFW™ is derived from our experience in interacting with varied customers from multiple industries along all the years. One of the aspects of that framework is the delivery tools that we use that equip our professionals for end-to-end solution delivery. Although, we are technology and tool agnostic in some way, we have experience in working with any and all technology that can be used for an optimized delivery. The other aspect of 3DFW™ is the metrics we use, at ProCogia we believe in not only qualitative management but quantitative management as well. Reliable and on time delivery are just some of the key metrics that we focus on. In addition to leveraging our I-DOP™ Framework, we collect continuous data and report organizationally to further support current operational activities and future continuous improvements of the key delivery processes. We talk more about I-DOP™ here in our overview of Consulting Framework The other leg of 3DFW™ is our delivery Architecture, which is the logical extension to both our tools and metrics. It provides a consistent set of core delivery capabilities across ProCogia through a standard set of problem definition both for short term as well as long term delivery solutions. It provides both technical as well as business platforms for our partners all over the globe to provide cutting edge solutions to our clients.