Consulting Framework

There is no substitute for knowing a business inside and out, we also know that the businesses are constantly evolving and need to not just track competitive landscape, regulatory dynamics but also the advancements in the new technology to be successful. We draw upon the combined experience of our partners’ experience and knowledge to ensure our clients' success.
We also understand that capabilities to tackle these changes can make or break an organization's ability to continue successful operations. From the various services we provide, we are committed to helping our clients build analytical capabilities inside their organizations that help them make data driven decisions and employ sustainable long term solutions to their problems.

I-DOP™ Framework
ProCogia has a multi-pronged approach, where we use a mix of mathematics, business and technical capabilities in a holistic way to work on different data elements to solve complex analytical problems. We call the approach as I-DOP™ Framework and it divides ProCogia’s analytical capabilities into 4 major categories. Before we get into those categories let us briefly talk about how we are different from a traditional data analysis consultant. As our name suggests we really get into the DNA of data and as shown in the below figure, we divide data into different layers and are fully engaged at each layer.


  I – Infrastructure
Here we provide most of the data warehousing and data infrastructure solutions. We believe that through these offerings we will be able to create a data layer that provides the business with an initial look at the data, which is consistent, accurate and superior in quality. This will acts as the logical stepping-stone for the consequent steps in the I-DOP™ framework. Our solution will be based on the current business needs and priorities which are developed by ProCogia in conjugation with the business to maximize the impact on the overall improvement of the organization

  D – Diagnosis
This is the initial stage of analytics, where we check the pulse and get a rhythm of the business. In this layer we can do exploratory data analyses as well as do deep dive analyses and find business insights into why a particular behavior occurred. Regular reporting and dashboards are designed and produced in this layer. In nutshell we provide lens to the business to track all business outcomes and understand the reasons for all such business outcomes irrespective of the outcome being positive or negative to the business.

  O – Optimization
Optimize is where we start tweaking the levers to maximize business effectiveness, within the given business constraints. At this level, we start modeling and help clients determine business triggers or indicators that might potentially impact the business in the future. In addition we help business tweak such levers to maximize the ROI

  P – Prognosis
Prognosis is where we do most of our predictive work, which helps the business to be more proactive than reactive. Here we help the business to understand what could be the potential business outcomes in the future and take actions accordingly. We provide business recommendations on what would be the best possible solution to maximize the business returns.