Likes don’t tell the whole story about your brand, content is the queen and conversation is the king!

"ProCogia advised a telecommunications company in US to help them streamline their overall social media strategy." Gavin G. and RP Gill

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Client had a Social Media(SM) initiative across multiple platforms, however the client faced the question – Why don’t I have enough clarity on what is the right approach for SM? There was no standard reporting mechanism in place that could have allowed the client to measure performance. The client also required an understanding of SM positioning and adaptability in the company's marketing strategy.

Key Objectives

  • Improve the overall content quality, based on post analysis.
  • Measure performance of different SM platforms to enhance marketing strategy.
  • Segment, Identify and Target the right set of demographics.


  • Analyzed SM data and developed reporting dashboards which allowed the client to measure performance on week over week basis, that gave them the flexibility to modify their approach.
  • Provided recommendations to content manager by performing analysis on client's SM content. Consequently, a playbook was developed that acted as a guideline to optimize posting activity in the following areas:
    1. Post Timing
    2. Posting Frequency
    3. Posting Quality
  • Analyze individual fan level behavior, segment and identify SM audience into the following categories:
    1. Taste Makers (TM) – Highly active customers on client’s SM pages and are the brand advocates.
    2. Observing hobbyists (OH) – Customers who tend to engage with the brand on a moderate level.
    3. Prospective Targets (PT) – Customers who have liked the page but rarely engage with it.
  • Results

    Revenue was increased by 54% as ProCogia helped institutionalize a new data driven segmentation of customers and it is being used to assign all the accounts to one of the segments. The model further helped increase revenue generation by designing appropriate product mix for each segment.

    Additionally, the segmentation was leveraged for the new marketing campaigns to increase their effectiveness.