PLUMBING 101, is your Data Infrastructure ready for Analytics?

"ProCogia helped an E-Commerce startup institutionalize their decision mechanism by building the complete infrastructure from scratch." Paramjit S. and Peter D.

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The client is an E-Commerce startup which approached ProCogia to help them with Business Intelligence solutions that would enable them in decision making and improving business productivity.

Key Objectives

  • Choose the right BI solution driven by ease of implementation & the business impact it creates.


ProCogia had following activities in mind when putting the BI Infrastructure in place:

  • Data Sourcing: - Extract information from documents, databases, images, media files and web pages.
  • Data Quality Management: - Data Audit, Cleansing & Profiling, Outlier Detection & Aberration Monitoring.
  • Data Analysis: - Synthesize useful knowledge using data mining, text understanding & image analysis.
  • Situation Analysis: - Link the useful facts and inferences and filtering out irrelevant information.
  • Advanced Analytics: - Identify reasonable decisions based on simulations, modelling & forecasting.
  • Decision Support: - Employ semi-interactive software to identify good decisions and strategies.


ProCogia helped in putting up an infrastructure that provides relevant, actionable and accurate information in a timely fashion to enable data driven decision-making and improvements in business performance by supporting key company strategies:

  • Increasing Revenue
  • Reducing Costs
  • Identification and Mitigation of Various Risks
  • Driving Innovation
  • Agility in the Marketplace